The products and resources listed below are items that I have personally found useful in navigating life as a Christian and a parent. I hope that you will find them useful too.


For the home:


IRONMIND TOUGH-AS-NAILS SANDBAG SET: I save time and money by using this sandbag that I loaded with gravel in lieu of a gym membership. I pick it up, carry it across the backyard, drop it, lay down, and floor press it a few times. I then repeat the process to bring it back to its starting place for a 5 minute full body workout. Simple. Brutal. Effective.

DIRT DEVIL SCORPION: This is the vacuum that we use personally in our household that has served us well – surviving countless instances of our toddlers smashing it onto the brick floor.

MAC SPORTS COLLAPSIBLE OUTDOOR UTILITY WAGON: If you have toddlers and you don’t own a collapsible wagon, do yourself a favor and get one now. They are immensely useful for offloading groceries, transporting toddlers, or even working out.


For your library:

I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH TO BE AN ATHEIST: This book has a spot reserved in my personal testimony as it exposed the glaring holes in my presuppositions against Christianity, demolishing my false assumption that God was simply a foolish fantasy and that to believe in Him required an abandonment of rationality.

PARENTING: 14 GOSPEL PRINCIPLES THAT CAN RADICALLY CHANGE YOUR FAMILY: Paul David Tripp does a fantastic job in this book describing how to have a stewardship attitude towards children. My wife hosts a study on this book for other moms – and I am the lucky benefactor of the outlines. A must read for the Christian parent!

MERE CHRISTIANITY: An absolute classic, this book does not need much in the way of an introduction. This is C.S. Lewis at his philosophical finest, boiling down Christianity into undeniable truths.

LEADERSHIP AS AN IDENTITY: A tremendous look at the characteristics that comprise a leader from a biblical perspective, as opposed to the predominant beliefs of the modern corporate world.

IF ONLY HE KNEW/FOR BETTER OR FOR BEST: Funny, practical, and jam-packed with biblically based marriage principles that inspire one to treasure the God designed differences that exist between spouses.

SEVEN MEN/SEVEN WOMEN: Seven brief biographies of tremendous Christian men and women that God utilized to change the world in a massive way – a wonderful encouragement for we can be used as a vessel for God’s glory.


For your child’s library:


THE TODDLER’S BIBLE: With terrific artwork and simplified language, this is a great way to share God’s Word in the bible with toddlers.

DRAGONS LOVE TACOS: We’ve had to order this book twice because my kids love it so much that they constantly pull it off the book shelf and rip out the pages going through it.

The Book with No Pictures: My children can literally recite this book by memory with me when I am reading it to them. No book makes them laugh as hard.


Online tools:

FOCUS ON THE FAMILYPLUGGED IN: Terrific, Christian, “family focused” resource with a daily broadcast and suggested solutions to many difficult situations that families face today. We use their movie review “plugged in” prior to renting any movies for the kids to ensure the content is safe.

ANSWERS IN GENESIS: A great apologetic website geared to answer questions about the biblical account of creation.

BIBLICAL TRAINING: A phenomenal resource with countless hours of free seminary lectures on audio.

BIBLE HUB: My go-to online resource for biblical commentary, dictionaries, and interlinear study for Greek and Hebrew.

GOT QUESTIONS: A great website if you’ve “got questions” about biblical topics.


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