The Chronicles of the Dei Clan Warriors - Part 1

If you’ve been following me on social media for awhile, you’ll have noticed that I occasionally post little short stories for my kids in a series I’ve titled The Chronicles of the Dei Clan Warriors. I’ve decided to compile them here for the sake of convenience. There’s no underlying, thought-out-in-advance master plot here, or hours upon hours of careful editing. It’s just my brain to the keyboard as the stories come. Wondering how things are going to turn out for the Dei Clan? Me too! I’m following along same as you. Hope you enjoy!




Unlike their larger relatives, Space Dragonettes posed little danger, other than the fact they were a major nuisance and ravenous pests - especially at Outpost 628 in the Andelotian sector of the Greater Maison galaxy. No doubt they were responsible for the rapid depletion of Veggie Chips after the weekly supply runs to Martwal.

Luckily for the outpost, Warrior Princess Mimi was an excellent archer and hunter. Though never thrilled to take a life, the wellbeing and survival of her colonists was her primary duty. She could not let this current threat slide without taking action. Also she had finished watching Peppa Pig - her favorite of the Ancient Earth classics - and it wasn't like she had much else to do...


Meanwhile, while his sister was out hunting Dragonettes, Space Knight Sawyer downloaded an urgent communication from a messenger droid. It appeared that a Nofunabot scout had been spotted exploring the perimeter of a neighboring sector. A chill shot down Sawyer’s spine.

The Nofunabots were a renegade robotic race, accidentally created through experimentation in artificial intelligence. They were wired to drive efficiency, no matter the cost, and saw all forms of merrymaking as an obstacle to meeting that goal (they most certainly did not approve of playing video games).

Realizing the potential danger, their creators attempted to shut down the project - but were too late. The prototype Nonfunabots seized the laboratory and initiated a mass production effort to replicate themselves and accomplish their mission: wipe out anything and anyone fun from the galaxy.

A sighting this close was alarming, to say the least. Space Knight Sawyer would need to warn his sisters…


Princess Vivi was out exploring the Fields of Yardaback when she heard an unnatural noise, like the grinding of metal on metal. A quick glance upwards indicated the cause - a small squad of Nofunabots descending from the sky. Vivi tensed as they surrounded her. Whatever their intentions were, it couldn't be good.

Since she’d left her battle axe in the rover, she’d have to make do with the metal detector she’d been using to search for Space Gold. She yelled at her sister across the meadow, unsure if she could hear her at this distance. “Hey, Amelie, we’ve got company!”

She gritted her teeth and dropped her voice.

“Alright, boys, let’s dance.”


Princess Amelie was applying minor repairs to the rover when she heard distant shouting. She looked up to find her sister, Vivi, smashing her way through a seething ring of Nofunabots. Though she seemed to have little problem dashing them to pieces, a second sound sent a jolt through Amelie: a deep rumble overhead. She glanced up at the large black ship falling from the sky. Reinforcements.

"Hang on there big sis," Amelie said under her breath as she leapt into the rover and mashed the pedal. Wheels spun out before catching traction. Fishtailing, she flew across the meadow. The sound of clashing metal grew louder as she approached her whirling sister.

WHAM! She slammed into a couple of Nofunabots behind Vivi, sending them tumbling over the hood. Vivi spun around, face flushed.

"Wanna ride?" Amelie grinned.

"Well about time," Vivi replied. "Space Uber is getting slower and slower!"

Vivi returned the grin and hopped in the passenger seat. Amelie took off, descending Nofunabot ship on their heels. She picked up the radio.

"Dei Clan! We are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack! Head to the fort. Let's show these suckers what the Dei Clan is made of..."


- Nicolas C. Day